Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Forest Adventure Updates

For those attending the Forest Adventure, please meet outside the school chapel at 8a.m on Friday. For those we indicated that they will be going on their own, please meet at the Forest Adventure Office at 9 a.m. Attire: PT tracks.

Please drink lots of water the night before and in the morning.

Below are more information from the vendor.

WHAT TO WEAR: Participants MUST wear sport shoes. They do not allow individuals wearing sandals or lose fitted shoes on the course.

WHAT TO BRING: They have limited storage space hence participants should come with as little as they can.

HOW TO GET THERE: The walk between Bedok Reservoir Park’s car park and our site is about 8 minutes, just follow the path that starts right behind the “Bedok Reservoir Park” column. There will be signage along the way to guide you. Before reaching us there will be a washroom along the way. Please visit the washroom before coming to us as we will be wearing the harness on for 2 hours.

OC Unit



We, the members of the National Police Cadet Corps, do here and now solemnly and sincerely pledge that:

We will always bear true faith and allegiance to the President and our Republic of Singapore.

We will always be loyal and true to our country, our people and the government.

We will always be prepared to serve our country and community.

We will always preserve the peace and uphold the law.


To become the best youth organisation in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world.


To develop our members to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with the Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe.

NPCC March

We will be faithful and always steadfast
Loyalty and service that's our aim
To serve with pride, ever looking forward
Marching onward all the time

Between all races,
there is no barrier
In NPCC, we all join hands
To stand by Singapore in her endeavors
Serving our land all the time.

Chorus (x3)

NPCC! Let's join hands
Uphold the law, preserve peace
NPCC! Let's join hands
Marching onward all the time