Sunday, 9 November 2008

Reminder for Enhancement training

This is a reminder that the following cadets are to turn up for training during the 10th,12th and 14th of November from 8am to 12pm for their enhancement training.

The following cadets are:

Secondary 3 Cadets
Eugene Chee
Teck Jun
Qi Zong
Joel Lim
Lim Yuening

Secondary 2 Cadets
Tay Han
Song Wei
Pei Da
Shawn Wong

Secondary 1 Cadets
Choong Meng
Jun Tian
Shao Wei
Guan Wei
Qi Nan
Zi Hao
Xin Yang
Kai Wei
Darren Choy
Yi Chen
Yi Kai
Wei Long
Shu Han
Hao Yi
Jun Yi

Drill Team (Members & Instructors):

James Ang(IC)

Sean Teh
Jebsen Tan
Chan Wai Hong
Vladimir Leoh
Tan Ze Yin
Bryan Chong
Jonathan Tan
Kwok Jun Wei
Jeffery Seow
Shi You Wei
Clement Koh
Joel Choo

Secondary 3
Guok Lin Chun (IC)

Yeo Sui Guan
Colin Low
Lin Heng Chuan
Chin Sing Yi
Benjamin Low
Kelvin Lee
Gillian Shafiz Ong Kian Teng
Dylan Wong Ka Chun
Kang Hwee Chiat
Tan Jun Hao
Benjamin Lim
Marcos Chong Zhen You

The instructors are:

P/Sgt Yeo Sui Guan
P/Sgt Marcos Chong
P/Sgt Nicholas Hoon
P/Sgt Mervin Soon
P/Sgt Jonathan Low
P/Sgt Lin Heng Chuan
P/Sgt Terence Soh
P/Sgt Kang Hwee Chiat
P/Sgt Michael Soh
P/Sgt Dylan Wong
P/Sgt Jordan Neo
P/Sgt Tan Ming Ian

If you are a P/sgt but your name is not on this list, please do turn up for the training as well and contact me at 97900967.

Those who would like to come for the enhancement training you are welcome to come.

Sec 1s please fall in in your PT Kit, for those who are involved in the air pistol training, you are required to bring your PT track, and change back into your PT kit after you are done with your airpistol and fall in back with your squad.

Sec 2s please fall in in your Full Uniform, for those who are involved in the air pistol training, you are required to bring your PT track and change back into your Full Uniform after youa re done with your airpistol and fall in back with your squad.

Drill teams please fall in in your Half Uniform.

Instructors required to bring Full Uniform:

Sui Guan
Mervin Soon

Instructors required to bring PT Kit:

Dylan Wong
Jordan Neo
Heng Chuan
Ming Ian
Nicholas Hoon
Kang Hwee Chiat
Terence Soh
Michael Soh

Drill team instructors bring your Half- Uniform

Sec 3 (2009) Drill team will be practicing 2nd class on the training

Sec 4 (2009) Drill team will be practicing their 1st class on the training.

Instructors please report to the NP Room by 7.45am for a short important briefing.

If you have any enquiries please do not hestitate to contact me at 97900967


P/Sgt Yeo Sui Guan



We, the members of the National Police Cadet Corps, do here and now solemnly and sincerely pledge that:

We will always bear true faith and allegiance to the President and our Republic of Singapore.

We will always be loyal and true to our country, our people and the government.

We will always be prepared to serve our country and community.

We will always preserve the peace and uphold the law.


To become the best youth organisation in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world.


To develop our members to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with the Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe.

NPCC March

We will be faithful and always steadfast
Loyalty and service that's our aim
To serve with pride, ever looking forward
Marching onward all the time

Between all races,
there is no barrier
In NPCC, we all join hands
To stand by Singapore in her endeavors
Serving our land all the time.

Chorus (x3)

NPCC! Let's join hands
Uphold the law, preserve peace
NPCC! Let's join hands
Marching onward all the time