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Annual Camp 2009 Theme and Groupings (Updated)

Greetings Cadets, Officers and Parents!

This is your Head of Media and Publications, Joel Lim Xing Zhi. I am pleased to present you with 2009's Annual Camp Theme and Groupings!

The theme of Annual Camp 2009 is Greek Mythological Gods. Each God or Goddess has an attribute, quality, or characteristic that makes him or her distinctively an exemplary being to others, something that we would like to see in cadets after attending the Annual Camp.

Annual Camp 2009 Theme

Theme of the Camp

The theme of Annual Camp 2009 is Greek Mythological Gods. Each God or Goddess has an attribute, quality, or characteristic that makes him or her distinctively an exemplary being to others, something that we would like to see in cadets after attending the Annual Camp.

Introduction to Groups (Greek Mythological Gods)

  1. Artemis
  2. Athena
  3. Poseidon
  4. Hermes
  5. Dike
  6. Morpheus
  7. Zephyrus
  8. Hemera
  9. Hephaestus (Instructors’ Group)
  10. Zeus (Officers’ Group)

Group 1: Artemis

Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon

Artemis is also protector of the young, both animals and humans. Highly skilled in hunting, she puts down her detractors by proving to them that she was indeed the best hunter out there.

Cadets should learn to take care of their juniors and make sure that as seniors, are there to guide their juniors along in every step, fulfilling their responsibilities and a senior. Also, cadets should not be beaten down by critics and instead work even harder to prove them wrong.

Group IC: James Ang

Group Members: Swee Kiat, Bryan Chong, Vladimir Leoh, Randy Ang, Javier Tay, Zhang Zhi Hao, Soh Yi Chen, Goh Kuan Hwee, Chen Yi Jia, Sun Qi Nan, Aston Koh, Amos Tay, Liew Koon Yang, Cedric Hong, Jerial Tan

Group 2: Athena

Athena: Goddess of strategic warfare and heroic endeavour

Known for her intelligence and exemplary leadership skills, Athena gained and earned the respect and popularity as the Patron goddess of Athens. She has shown time and time again her flair for planning fantastical war strategies that led her to win many battles.

Cadets should follow in the way of Athena in terms of being a good leader – one who not only has the respect of those below them, but earning that respect. Also, a key point of being a leader is the ability to plan good strategies in tackling problems, an area Athena was excellent at.

Group IC: Joel Lim

Group Members: Jit Kai, Sean Teh, Si Cong, Toh Zhi Yong, Low Chong Han, Ng Guan Wei, Jonan Siak, Ian Poar Chye An, Terry Ng, Bryan Yeo, Calvin Soh, Ng Kai Jie, Joshua Lai and Foo Chuan Jian.

Group 3: Poseidon

Poseidon: God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses

Poseidon was believed to be the force behind earthquakes, an odd expansion of the power of a sea god. He was also highly regarded as a creative god, designing all the creatures of the sea.

As leaders, cadets need to identify everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as having creativity in seeking methods to maximize each and every person’s potentials, as what Poseidon did – creating each creature of the sea for a certain purpose.

Group IC: Hia Ren

Group Members: Jonathan Tan, Lee Zong Yang, Nicholas Tan, Chan Wai Hong, Kwok Jinn Liang, Chew Tse Teng, Christopher Wong, Chua Wei Zhi, Ng Jun Yi, Chua Chong Jia, Bryan Chong, Nicholas Ngiam, Bertrand Tan, Gerald Lim

Group 4: Hermes

Hermes: God of Flight

Hermes is the herald of the gods and also leads human souls into and occasionally out of the underworld. Hermes is also famous for being clever, bold, determined, athletic, and a powerful magician who charm monsters with his flute or lyre music.

One trait that cadets should have is confidence – dare to voice out opinions, give constructive feedback and inputs, as well as always on hand to provide ideas and solutions to issues. Leaders need to be bold, like Hermes, in order for them to put their ideas forward.

Group IC: Lim Heng Chuan

Group Members: Li Jie, Jacky Tan, Joel Choo, Hoo Pei Da, Seah San Yong, Liu Xin Yang, Samuel Kwek, Darryl Teng, Gavin Chan, Chung Wen Kai, Ong Kah Sheng, Ernest Yam, Kok Wei Jing, Jonathan Lim*

Group 5: Dike

Dike – Goddess of Justice

Dike was the goddess of justice, fair judgements and the rights established by custom and law. She was also one of the Horai, goddesses of the seasons, and keepers of the gates of heaven.

As NPCC cadets, we are expected to “preserve the peace and uphold the law.” As leaders, cadets are required to make fair judgements as well as setting reasonable yet strict rules. Another quality of Dike that cadets can learn from is her ability to juggle many responsibilities at one shot.

Group IC: Zhang Kai Yang

Group Members: Tan Kang Joe, Cheng Jing, Kwok Jun Wei, Shawn Wong, Gordon Liow, Quek Choong Meng, Marcus Er, Brandon Yeo, Gerald Tan, Darren Ou, Koh Jun Hao, Ng Zi Yi, Royce Ang Jia Jie, Eugene Tan Jian Peng, Calvin Lee Ding Jiang

Group 6: Morpheus

Morpheus – God of Dreams

Morpheus is the son of Sleep, and the god of dreams. The name signifies a fashioner or moulders, because he shaped or formed the dreams which appeared to the sleeper. He was the leader of the Oneiroi, the gods or spirits of dreams. He manifested himself in the dreams of kings and rulers in the likeness of men as a messenger of the gods.

Like Morpheus, cadets should develop the ability to convince fellow cadets on doing the right thing, and, in synergy with the ways of Morpheus, create, shape or form the ideologies of fellow cadets or squad mates that will propel the entire group, squad or unit towards a common goal.

Group IC: Nigel Ong

Group Members: Lu Jie, Song Wei, Choon Woon Bing, Clement Koh, Ze Yin, Tong Shao Wei, Shawn Chua Yi Rong, Chua Yi Kai, Zhu Jun Tian, Koh Yi Fan, Adrian Teo Chun Kiat, Benedict Seow, Jonathan Lee Jun Min, Woon Jun Bao

Group 7: Zephyrus

Zephyrus – God of the West Wind

In Greek mythology, Zephyrus was the god of the West Wind. Zephyrus is usually depicted as a gentle, benevolent force in myth and literature. In Roman myth, he is Favonius, the protector of plants.

In most cases, violence does not work, and as effective leaders, cadets need to adopt a gentler yet strict persona in order for them to gain the respect of fellow squad mates and even juniors. Also, as with Zephyrus, cadets need to learn to adapt to their surroundings and also take care of it.

Group IC: Yeo Wei Yang

Group Members: Eugene Yong, Tay Han, Shi You Wei, Malvick Ong, Chong Zhi Khong, Chong Kai Wei, Ang Xu Kai, Ncholas Kow, Darren Lim, Bryan Chee, Kendrick Teo, Zhao Zi Chao, Jebsen Tan*

Group 8: Hemera

Hemera – Goddess of Daylight

Hemera is one of the Protogenos, the primeval Goddesses. She is Goddess of the day. Hemera is very kind and sweet. She is very easy to get along with. She makes friends easily and doesn't make foes.

An important trait that a good leader should have is friendliness and approachability. Also, it is highly important for cadets not to involve themselves in disputes or arguments, and instead resolve disagreements in a mature manner. This way, not only do the cadets gain support of their fellow squad mates and juniors, they also avoid bad blood which may result in inefficient teamwork in the future.

Group IC: Dylan Wong

Group Members: Ronnie Tan, Jeremy Lim, Chua Min Yang, Jeffrey Seow, Joel Tan, Bryan Tan Pek Khiaw, Darren Choy, Wong Wei Loong, Ng Hao Yi, Toh Shu Han, Ong Wei Yi, Chua Kang Wei, Aloysius Phneah, Lee See Yuan

Hephaestus – God of the Forge, Crafts, and Fire (Instructors’ Group)

Hephaestus is the god of fire, especially in so far as it manifests itself as a power of physical nature in volcanic districts, and in so far as it is the indispensable means in arts and manufactures, whence fire is called the breath of Hephaestus, and the name of the god is used both by Greek and Roman poets as synonymous with fire.

Zeus – King of the Greek Gods and Goddesses (Officers’ Group)

Zeus is the Supreme God. The thunderbolt is his symbol which he got from Cyclops to fight against the titans and his father. Zeus had control over all the skies Zeus He was called the father of gods and mortals.

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Joel Lim Xing Zhi
Head of Media and Publications


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